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Is This It?

I covered a Christmas presentation. The play followed the traditional nativity but with a twist, all the music was by Michael Jackson (song titles in brackets).

The play started with teacher explaining the nativity to a group of rowdy teenage students.

Mary gave Angel G the cold shoulder when he tells her that she was pregant (Don't Blame it on the Boogie).

Joseph wasn't happy about the situation as he thought she has been unfaithful so after this picture he sent her away in tears (Leave me alone).

Angel G came to Joseph and explained the situation. Joseph had to beg Mary to come back to him (The way you make me feel).

Mary and Joseph got married. Angels arrived to see the birth of Jesus (I can't stop loving you).

Just when things seemed to be going well Herod tried to kill Jesus (Bad).

The teacher explained to the students that if they want to make the world a better place they have to accept Jesus as saviour, look at themselves in the mirror and change any bad attitudes (Man in the mirror).

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