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2009 - Action Photos at the Promenade Stages Rally

Race Preparation
Race Day


Each year New Brighton Promenade is closed to the public, to allow rally cars to race on tarmac. The event is organised by
Wallasey Motor Club.

There is always lots of action at the rally as the stages are short and the service area is nearby. Drivers push their cars to the limit and sometimes past it! The course is unforgiving with kerbstones, concrete walls, round-abouts and road signs.

This year 70+ cars entered the rally. The cars were seeded according to their expected performance, a 1 litre Nissan Micra was unlikely to win, but a 2.5 litre Darrian has won for the last few years.

Race Preparation

The scrutineering event occured on Friday 4th September in the evening. The marshalls checked that each of the cars were properly race prepared and the drivers / co-drivers had the proper race kit.

I took this picture of car 15, a Ford Escort with a 2.5 litre cosworth engine getting prepared for the race.

Race Day

When I awoke on Saturday 5th September I could hear the wind gusting and when I looked outside the sky was overcast. Not ideal photographic conditions.

Car 34 despite appearing battered was still in the race, though not always on four wheels.

The race was fiercely fought.

Car 12 was certainly racing... see the flames coming out of its exhaust!


Yet again the Darrians made a good showing at the rally gaining the top two steps on the podium.

1st - car 1 a Darrian T90 driven by Chris Davis / Brandon Parker.

2nd - car 2 a Darrian T9 driven by Robert Dick / Barry Green. This pictures shows the team packing up after the rally.

3rd - car 4 a Rover 6R4 driven by Ian Rowlance / Lynn Rowlance.

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